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The Sydejko Law Office focuses on representing pharmacies, pharmacists, drug distributors and other healthcare providers in the areas of regulatory law, pharmacy law, state disciplinary actions and general healthcare law advice. Jeb Sydejko's experience as a both a licensed attorney and registered pharmacist gives him a unique ability to assist clients using his knowledge as both a lawyer and a pharmacist. In addition to his experience in working as a disciplinary consultant for the California State Board of Pharmacy, his Health Care License Protection Services consulting practice keeps him cognizant of State Board enforced regulatory compliance.

Contact us if you are seeking legal representation or advice from a health care law professional. The Sydejko's Law Office's primary goal is to provide clients with a smaller, more personal environment that offers increased efficiency, prompt and direct communication with clients, and sound practical legal advice at competitive rates. It is our objective to support the advancement of your business, regulatory and operational interests within the context of the increasing complexity of the health care industry.

Pharmacy Law Resources: We offer a well-organized compilation of pharmacy law resources covering a wide range of topics including Pharmacy Law, Drug Wholesaler Law and General Health Care Law. Our resources are useful if you are In-House counsel at a pharmacy, drug distributor, hospital or health care provider. They are also useful if you are a health care professional interested in the requirements and operational procedures connected with being a pharmacist-in-charge or a designated representative-in-charge.

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