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Jeb F. Sydejko is a licensed pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California and a licensed attorney with a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Whittier College School of Law in California. In addition to practicing both retail pharmacy and law, Dr. Sydejko has been a consultant for the California State Board of Pharmacy, has been an expert witness in pharmacy-related administrative hearings involving State licensing agencies and pharmacy State Board investigations, and has worked with the Attorney General’s office. In addition to his extensive community pharmacy experience, Dr. Sydejko is also president of Health Care License Protection Services.

What kind of work do we do?

Pharmacy Regulation: The Sydejko Law Office provides compliance and disciplinary representation to pharmacists and pharmacy owners who wrestle with varying state and federal regulations. We help our clients overcome the obstacles and comply with these regulations in a manner that minimizes negative impact on their licenses. The firm also regularly advises pharmacies, pharmacists, prescription drug wholesalers, and other health care providers. Our experience includes:
• Advising clients on Board of Pharmacy, DEA, and state law regulatory issues affecting the practice of pharmacy, such as pharmacy compounding, mail order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, etc.
• Providing clients with recommendations on best practices for prescription processes, prescription information technology and quality improvement. Our additional experience as licensed pharmacists and former pharmacy managers enables us to provide practical, sound legal advice that advances our client’s pharmacy needs.

New Pharmacy Ownership: Whether you are looking to buy a new pharmacy or take over an existing pharmacy, the Sydejko Law Office provides guidance in the acquisition or change-in-ownership of this new pharmacy business. We help our clients overcome the many obstacles put in place by the California State Board of Pharmacy permit application requirements. Our experience includes:
• Assisting clients with the application process with the California State Board of Pharmacy. This includes the preparation of your permit application, processing your application, and assisting the client in the many hurdles before you fill that first prescription in your new pharmacy

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