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Many of my clients and pharmacists have asked me what is the purpose of the Board of Pharmacy? Following is from the Board of Pharmacy's website:

The Board's purpose is to serve the public by:
Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the people of California with integrity and honesty;
Advocating the highest quality of affordable pharmaceutical care;
Providing the best available information on pharmaceutical care; and
Promoting education, wellness and quality of life.

How does the Board accomplish its purpose?
The Board accomplishes its purpose by ensuring that pharmacists provide patients with pharmaceutical care by dispensing information; by protecting patients from drug misadventures; and by taking responsibility for therapeutic outcomes resulting from their decisions. The Board further ensures that: The quality skills of those entering pharmacy practice are maintained by requiring candidates for the Board's licensing examination to have graduated from accredited pharmacy schools and have completed a minimum of 1,500 hours of internship in both community and hospital pharmacies. Additionally, continuing education is required for pharmacist license renewal. The Board's enforcement of regulations is another way in which the Board seeks to protect the public from the misuse and diversion of prescription drugs from pharmacies. The Board's enforcement efforts are focused toward the improvement of therapeutic outcomes and compliance with the highest standards of pharmaceutical care.

Who does the Board regulate?

The Board of Pharmacy regulates the pharmacy practice of pharmacists, interns, pharmacy technicians, and exemptees (those who are involved with the wholesale or manufacturer of drugs and medical devices, but not required to hold a pharmacist license). The Board also regulates all types of firms that distribute prescription drugs and devices in California, including community pharmacies and those located in hospitals, clinics, home and community support services facilities, and out-of-state mail order pharmacies that fill prescriptions and deliver them in California.

How does the Board resolve complaints?

A primary way the Board protects the public is through the investigation of consumer inquiries and complaints involving the pharmaceutical care patients have received. The Board advocates and enforces laws that protect the health and safety of patients and encourages the submission of complaints and inquiries from the public. Each complaint is evaluated to determine if the complaint involves a pharmacist, pharmacy, or firm regulated by the Board, and whether the complaint involves a violation of California Pharmacy Law. If the complaint is within the Board's jurisdiction, the complaint may be referred to an inspector who will contact you for additional information about the complaint, or a consumer services representative may resolve your complaint. If the complaint is not within Board's jurisdiction, it may be closed with no action taken or referred to another agency. In any case, you will be advised of the Board's action on your complaint. Many complaints are closed with a verbal or written warning that becomes part of the licensee's record. However, a complaint could result in disciplinary action being taken against the licensee. The action may range from reprimand to revocation of the license with loss of the right to practice or operate a pharmacy. The Board does not represent the person making the complaint individually and does not seek restitution or money damages on behalf of any individual.

Board of Pharmacy: Advocate or Adversary
(following are comments from licensees taken from the July 2011 survey to help develop the Board's Strategic plan 2012 - 2017.)

- Help us be more effective by supporting the pharmacists and the practice of pharmacy.
- Improve ability to openly communicate with Board. Calling the Board and actually talking to a real person that can answer your question is next to impossible--need to improve access to people who can answer questions and provide guidance.
- The Board needs to become pharmacist friendly and stop with your unneeded and unproductive initiatives.
- Everyone, even Board Members, make mistakes from time to time. Do you fine yourselves when you screw up?
- Become realistic as a partner to your pharmacist members, not the adversary.
- I understand that the primary mission of the California State Board of Pharmacy is to ensure the safety of the public, ie our patients. The problem is that our board, does not have the interest of the profession, of which, if things continue to erode, and decay, the profession of pharmacy will soon become a profession of the past .
- The State Board of Pharmacy is supposed to be a consumer protection agency Jul 11, 2011 12:17 PM but on more than one occasion they have allowed themselves to become involved in frivolous untrue complaints squandering thousands of dollars of taxpayers money going after lone hard-working honest pharmacists and making accusations that are false. The pharmacist(s) must then spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees in order to disprove the accusations against him/her. This is backwards. The Board should do 2 things: 1. Look carefully at the background of the person making the complaint 2. Investigate all circumstances thoroughly before proceeding to issue a written citation against the pharmacist, which may later be proven to be false.
- Inspectors have a tendency to intimidate rather than educate.

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