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Opening a new pharmacy,change of locati0n or buying an existing store but not sure where to start?

Let the Sydejko Law Office guide you through this difficult process. Mr. Sydejko is both a licensed attorney and a practicing licensed pharmacist with experience in licensing pharmacy businesses. Additionally, Mr. Sydejko’s office understands the requirements of maintaining pharmacy licenses, so they’re available to help you maintain your license once it’s issued by the Board.

    • Are you considering starting a new pharmacy, changing your location or doing a change in ownership ? If so, then you probably have many questions about how to get started.
    • • How do you file the necessary paperwork?
    • • Who should you contact at the California Board of Pharmacy to process your application?
    • • How do you prepare for a Board pre-inspection before they issue a permit?
    • While the California State Board of Pharmacy is the licensing entity responsible for processing your permit application, they will not assist you in the difficult and time consuming process. Instead, you are forced to learn on your own. Unfortunately, learning as you go will only delay the issuance of your pharmacy permit, and with any delay will come a loss of business income.

      You're not alone in asking these questions. In fact, many are not prepared, and do not know what to expect during an inspecection or audit. The Board of Pharmacy reasserts this in their February 2010 edition of The Script, and recommends that you be prepared with relevant documentation that inspectors frequently request during their audit.


    • Here is what we can help you with to get your paperwork together:
    • • Incorporation or LLC filing
      • State Board of Pharmacy Retail License Application
      • Application for a Drug Enforcement Agency Certificate
      • Wholesaler-Buying Group
      • Application for a Medi-Cal Provider Number
      • Application for a Medicare Provider Number

Additionally, once your pharmacy is operating we can assist you with business services such as:
• Point-of-sale/computers
• Third-party contracts
• Personal, professional and building insurance
• Policy and procedures
• Medicare Part D fraud and waste abuse compliance
• HIPAA compliance review
• Utilities and phones
• And more

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