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Are you prepared for an unexpected California State Board of Pharmacy inspection?

It is dangerous to believe that a system as complex as a modern pharmacy can operate efficiently without systematic controls in place. Likewise, there is no last minute opportunity to prepare for an event as important as a State Board of Pharmacy inspection. The profession of pharmacy, by its nature, is fraught with risk on its best day. Consistent diligence is the only true path to compliance.

Once the Board of Pharmacy inspector arrives at your new or existing pharmacy and announces a site inspection, the time is long past to think about preparation. Prior planning will avert confusion at the outset of the inspection and avoid making a long day even longer. With the help of License Protection Consultants, our License Protection Handbook and our Consulting Forum with our president, Jeb Sydejko, Pharm.D., J.D., we will not only save you time in preparing for the inspection, but we will  also inspire confidence that your operation is orderly, focused, and practicing under the laws regulated and enforced by the State Board of Pharmacy.

The California State Board of Pharmacy is citing and fining over 80 licenses per month, at an average cost of over $900 per fine. You will be inspected. The question is when? Be prepared now by contacting us today and receive your License Protection Handbook. Our Handbook has helped many pharmacies pass a surprise Board inspection for both new and existing pharmacies. The Handbook, written specifically for a State Board inspection includes the following and much more:

  • Pharmacy Board Inspection Checklist – Items Inspected
  • Over 28 Policies & Procedures – Required by the Board
  • Pre and Post Audit Consultations – Questions & Answers
  • Quality Assurance Manual – Risk Management Systems
  • DEA Inspection Checklist – Items Inspected by the DEA
  • Power of Attorney Forms/Controlled Substance Systems
  • Non-Sterile Compounding Compliance Manual
  • Board Required Operational Procedures
Updated In Real-Time With New Laws and Regulations

    License Protection Consultants (LPC) will help you be prepared so that your license is protected.

    • Let LPC ease your mind so that you are prepared, and that you:

      • Avoid the suspension of your license to practice.
      • Avoid the negative effects and stigma associated with an inspection and/or audit.
      • Avoid the most common mistakes made by licensed entities.
      • Know the applicable laws and regulations before the State and Federal agencies walk through your doors to enforce compliance.
      • Avoid the added expense associated with non-compliance (up to $5,000/per infraction).

LPC offers three levels of service, each tailored to provide you with the support you prefer. Both the gold and silver levels include the basic bronze level of protection, and in addition, full question and answer services from a licensed attorney-pharmacist. All levels also offer our standard coverage that protects you both pre- and post-inspection.

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