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Are you prepared for an unexpected State Board inspection or DEA audit?

It's a day you dread: in walks who you think is a customer, but after a review of their business card you discover that the State Board of Pharmacy wants to inspect your wholesale facility, or that the Drug Enforcement Administration wants to audit your narcotics. Immediately panic sets in and the questions start streaming through your mind:

    • • Am I prepared?
      • What materials do I need?
      • What if I did not prepare properly?
      • How do I get organized?
      • Where do I start?
      • What will they discover?

      You're not alone in asking these questions. In fact, many are not prepared, and do not know what to expect during an inspecection or audit. The Board of Pharmacy reasserts this in their February 2010 edition of The Script, and recommends that you be prepared with relevant documentation that inspectors frequently request during their audit.

    Rx Licensing Solutions (RxLS) will help you be prepared so that your license is protected.

    • Let HCLPS ease your mind so that you are prepared, and that you:

      • Avoid the suspension of your license.
      • Avoid the negative effects and stigma associated with an inspection and/or audit.
      • Avoid the most common mistakes made by licensed entities.
      • Know the applicable laws and regulations before the State and Federal agencies walk through your doors to enforce compliance.
      • Avoid the added expense associated with non-compliance (up to $5,000/per infraction).

Our services includes:
1) A Wholesaler License Protection Handbook that outlines the
major areas of your wholesale practice that are subject to an inspection. Including an "Inspection Materials" section consisting of the relevant documentation required during an inspection.
2) Consulting services after your inspection.
3) Questions you may have that are not addressed in the Handbook, as they relate to the lasws governing your wholesale operation, can also be answerd by either Greg Evans, Pharm.D., or Jeb Sydejko, Pharm.D., J.D. .

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