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Overview of Services

Our goal of is to safeguard licensed individuals, as well as the wholesale license itself, from a negative outcome due to a State Board of Pharmacy and/or a DEA inspection. Our services include:

• A Wholesaler License Protection Handbook that outlines the major areas of your wholesale practice that are subject to an inspection. Including an “Inspection Materials” section consisting of the relevant documentation required during an inspection.

• Consulting services after your inspection.

• Questions you may have that are not addressed in the Handbook, as they relate to the laws governing your wholesale operation, can also be answered as part of our Gold Forum level of our services

* Wholesale Licensing Assistance. We can assist in the completion of any state's drug wholesaler permit applications, either for in-state or out-of-state licensing. In California, we also assist in the Board's final step of the approval process with their pre-inspection questionnaire and mandatory pre-licensing visit.

• Designated Representative training resources

By taking a preventative approach to potential negative outcomes, not only will you be prepared for the untimely regulatory inspection, but also you will have experts available to assist you in minimizing your potential liability. Even if nothing ever comes from a Board or DEA inspection, there are always the lingering negative effects and stigma of being involved in an investigation.

Resources to help you protect your license

We offer and includes several resources to help you protect your license and limit your exposure to the regulatory agencies.

• Wholesaler License Protection Handbook: To avoid compliance problems with your license, we recommend that you read our Wholesaler License Protection Handbook and follow the recommendations outlined. The purpose of this Handbook is not to teach you Pharmacy Law, but instead highlight those areas of Pharmacy Law and The Controlled Substance Act where both the Board of Pharmacy and DEA are looking for legal compliance. Prevention is your ally when it comes to regulatory involvement, and it is also your best defense to help decrease negative findings resulting from a regulatory inspection.

• License Protection Newsletters: Our License Protection Newsletter will also help keep you up-to-date on all current regulatory matters that are necessary to keep you and your license in compliance. In addition, this quarterly newsletter will remind you of the necessary timetables that are required by the regulatory agencies.

• Policies and Procedures: Regulatory compliance requires the wholesaler to have in place Policies and Procedures detailing specific areas of your operation. Failure to maintain the proper Policies and Procedures will result in disciplinary actions by your governing regulatory agency. RxLS will assist in the preparation of these Policies and Procedures.

• The Forum: License Protection Consultants Inc. offer a special FORUM for those who would like the opportunity to ask RxLS specific questions relating to the laws governing their wholesale practice that are not addressed in our Handbook. The FORUM can be especially useful when you are inspected by the State Board of Pharmacy to help you answer questions during the audit, and to help mitigate any findings the State Board of Pharmacy discovers. Once you subscribe, you have the option of asking up to 10 different regulatory compliance questions. Answers to your questions will be personally handled by Greg Evans, Pharm.D. a California licensed pharmacist and California approved designated representative trainer, and/or Jeb Sydejko, Pharm.D., J.D., a California registered pharmacist and California licensed attorney.

• Designate Representative Training: Approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy, our affiliate, Access Pharmacy Resources, offers a Designated Representative Training program to help ensure licensure for your designated representative. The program is the result of years of research, review and first hand knowledge of pharmacy law as it relates to medical wholesalers, non-resident wholesalers, drug manufacturers’ distribution facilities, 3rd party logistics companies and other businesses that utilize designated representatives. This is an added service.

We hope you find these materials informative and beneficial to help you understand the proactive actions you can take to protect your license.

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