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Consultation Services

Many times Drug Wholesalers have questions or issues that may fall outside of the Consultation Forum of the Wholesaler License Protection Handbook. Examples include the California state wholesaler application, mock inspections, out-of-state wholesaler applications and many other licensing problems. For these types of services and more, please contact Rx Licensing Services for a breakdown of our charges.


Member: $350/hour
Non-Member: $400/hour



Wholesaler License Protection Handbook includes:

- Policies and Procedures*
- Board Inspection Checklist
- DEA Inspection Checklist
- All Mandated Laws/Regs
- Compliance Forms
- Inspection Materials
- Updated In Real-Time
- Quarterly News Letters
- Consultation Forum


License Protection Services including Handbook: $1489/year
with Policies and Procedures: $1000/set
License Protection Services Renewal: $749/year
Policies and Procedures Only: $1250/set

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