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License Protection

In today's ever-changing health care industry, expanding your business while at the same time staying compliant with both State and Federal regulatory agencies is forever challenging but necessary to succeed as a business. Depending on your needs, License Protection's consultation services helps to not only prepare you for your business future, but also protects your license along the way.

Health Care License Protection Services (HCLPS) is designed for the pharmacist-in-charge and pharmacy owner. Be prepared for the unexpected California State Board of Pharmacy inspection. With the use of our License Protection Handbook, our clients are prepared and have had successful inspections. Both new and existing pharmacies have utilized our services with positive results. We prepare you by providing a self-inspection check list, policies and procedures and operational procedures the Board will request during their surprise inspection.

The Sydejko Law Office provides compliance and disciplinary representation to pharmacists and pharmacy owners who wrestle with varying state and federal regulations. We help our clients overcome the obstacles and comply with these regulations in a manner that minimizes negative impact on their licenses. In addition, our services include any pharmacy Board licensing issue, including assisting in procurring Medi-cal and Medicare permits.

Rx Licensing Solutions (RxLS) is designed for the designated representative-in charge and the drug wholesaler owner. Be prepared for the unexpected California State Board inspection, and stay one step ahead of the Board. With the many changes affecting drug distribution, RxLS is your solution. In addition, are you looking to become licensed as a drug wholesaler in your home state? Looking to expand your current business across state lines? Rx Licensing Solutions can assist you in all licensing requirements for any State agency that issues you your permit. Rely on the experts.

Access Pharmacy Resources (APR) offers its Designated Representative Training Certification Program, approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy. In addition, APR offers a class for Florida CDR candidates. Training seminars are in a webinar and teleconference format.

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